The Help Home Personal ID* Program provides support for the person in early stages of dementia to continue to be active. The bracelet is specially designed to be comfortable and waterproof. It allows for emergency and medical information to be stored and accessed by emergency personnel when your loved one is found. The information the bracelet provides can be accessed and adjusted by family members, or caregivers, through a phone app or online. Best of all, you decide how much information to provide.

How it Works
Register the person’s information online. Fit the bracelet to the person’s wrist. If your person ever wanders and is found by an emergency responder, the responder can scan the QR code, or call the 800# (and give the ID & PIN number), on the back of the bracelet to find the emergency contact number and information necessary to return them home safely. NO need to take your loved one to the emergency center, unless the persons conditions suggest otherwise, which is what could happen to your love one if they are found without a bracelet.

For more information, or to receive a bracelet, contact the Council on Aging at 810-984-5061 or your local senior center.

Bracelets are funded through the Commission on Aging, Senior Services Millage.