When someone calls any of the four multi-purpose senior centers with a question regarding what is available to help them or a loved one, they will be put in touch with the center’s Information and Referral staff person.  These staff members have access to information and telephone numbers for a variety of services, agencies, and businesses which assist senior citizens.  If the problem is something which requires more in-depth information and/or assistance, the Information and Referral staff personnel will get the caller in touch with a Council on Aging Community Liaison.  

Community Liaisons assist seniors and their families by providing information on their options and help to line-up services and programs which allow senior citizens to maintain their independence.  Community Liaisons assess the senior’s needs and help to meet those needs through a variety of community resources.  They also assist with:

  • Medicare Part D and Prescription Drug Assistance 
  • DHS Paperwork for Medicaid and Other Services
  • Home Heating Credit and Homestead Tax

 We are here to help!  Call (810) 984-5061.